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10 Pillows
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soundtrack for 10 pillows (banda sonora para 10 almohadas)

Soundtrack for 10 Pillows/ Banda Sonora para 10 Almohadas, Audio CD w/ cloth case & booklet, 2005.

I made these audio portraits with the program Reason, in response to dreams sent via email by the other artists in the collective exhibit, You & Me & ART & IDEA. January 2005, ART & IDEA Gallery (Haydeé Rovirosa's former gallery), México City. The texts below are the actual dreams sent by the artists, without any translation or grammar correction.


01 narda

I dreamt that I was running and running over houses, and buildings, climbing trees, doing it from one city to another, very fast but so slow at the same time. I think I was being prosecuted may be by police or something like that, but I was innocent and at the end I fell from a house, then I woke up. very short it sounds, but for me I was running for hours almost months

02 holly

in this dream instant coffee, the collective from toronto with which kelly coats and i both travelled to mexico two years ago to do a show with, was more than a collective, it was a cult.they lived and worked comunally, making all decisions on a group basis. one day (in the dream0 they become aware of a conspiracy plot against them (in the form of never being able to get a grant), and they decide the only escape is collective suicide! this is their final work together, the ultimate in defiance but also absurd example of paranoid delusion, requiring complete sublimation if individuality. i woke up from this dream thinking how funny it was, but the idea did not slide off, i was thinking in terms of the portrait i sent to you all of myself as a thwarted and ultimately romantic revolutionary hero, and have been thinking also of the political martyr.

03 douglas

"soñe que el ciervo ileso pedía perdón al cazador frustrado"
                                                              -nemer ibn el barud

04 karen

I'm hanging out with a friend, maybe we are watching tv, and I need to go get something from outside, like from the store around the corner.  It is winter in Toronto, so I put on a hat and a big jacket.  The sidewalks are covered in snow, and although I'm not in a rush, I would like to get back to hanging out with my friend.  So as not to be slowly trudging through the snow, with each foot sinking to the bottom, I start to develop a little sideways skip.  It is almost a dance and it helps me to quickly move along on top of the snow.  I realize that I had been wearing only my underwear at the house, and forgot to put on pants, and I'm only wearing these little pale purple shorts.  No, this is not one of those all of a sudden I'm naked cliche dreams...  it is not embarassing or startling, and I'm not even cold, it's just silly with the big poofy jacket and hat.  As I go down the street I pass some gay guys who are holding a bottle of brown glitter, they stop and start to follow me.  They narrate my dance, almost like a broadcast of an olympic gymnast, as I do slight variations on the step.  My dancing is neither spectacular nor lame, so the descriptions are not really necessary.

05 mau

Soñe que soñaba y en mis sueños despertaba

06 antoine

dreams about supermarkets

07 paulina

my dream was about my dad inventing the turn table for vinyl discs.. i remember seeing him putting together some wierd pieces to make it work... it´s funny cause my father doesn´t like music at all and never buys or plays music.

08 guus
when i was about 3 or 4, i dreamed i was in the garden and my mother said that she had to go mail a letter. and she told me, be nice and not, DO NOT touch the small box that is there at that table. and offcourse i waited untill my mother was out of the garden and then went straight for the small painted box. I opened it and a big giant stepped out of it with a big wooden hammer and smashed our complete house. then offcourse my mother walked back in the garden and her mouth fell open and i woke up. around that time it was the first time i was ever home alone. my mother told me that she had to put a letter in the mailbox of the neighbour, because it was delivered wrongly. So she was probably gone for one minute. but i remember very well that i was thinking, wauw, now i am home alone.. and i was terified... So i stayed in th house, because in farytailes the bad guy could never get into the house, like in the wolve and the seven goats, where the goats themself had opened the door. so my theorie was to just not open the door. but then i remembered the story of little red ridinhood, where the wolf got inside itself. and i ran crying to my mother.

09 cynthia
lo siento pero no puedo acordar mis suenos. cynthia’s song is based on sounds recommended to wake up to in order to remember one’s dreams.

10 kelly
yvonne d. and i were printing posters with this printer in mexico who had a huge moustache. he needed this ink that only an ink excreting bird could produce, and because we had lost his previous bird, we went to this market that specialized in animals with rare functions. Suddenly yvonne had the bird in a basket on the front of an extremely customized low-rider bicycle. I headed in the opposite direction where i found my car (the chevy station wagon that i used to drive 3 years ago). The review mirror and seat were not adjusted to my size and the car felt extremely large once i got inside. Adjusting everything, i drove away, and as i got onto the highway the setting changed to cincinnati with alvaro v. in the back seat telling me which exit to take. As we got off the exit the setting changed to Los Angeles (i had just visited LA a few weeks prior to this dream). We went inside this artist commune where we were staying. i remember feeling really tired and annoyed when we arrived and could here the voice of a new york curator coming from the adjacent studio. We quickly went inside of our room and found renato o. and several other people whom i did not recognize passing a joint around. One of the strangers handed me a package that had arrived from giles (someone i had met on my trip to LA). It contained a dvd with a newscast of his band's performances which had taken place in a cathedral. His band, who sounded like The Stooges in my dream were performing when people started throwing 40 ouncers, climbing the cathedral walls, and breaking the stained-glass windows. (in real life giles has a band that is nothing like The Stooges). After we watched the dvd, one of the strangers told me that he liked my music.

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