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Kelly Green

The Kelly Green Project was a performance that started as i was leaving Cincinnati, Ohio, and lasted the first 10 months of my life in Mexico City. To start the project, I documented myself dancing in each piece of my wardrobe and then gave all except the green articles away at my MFA thesis exhibition. Wearing only one color was a way to minimize my belongings, lightening the load of moving from one country to another. I selected the color green because the color "kelly green" already exists in the English language. It was a playful way to introduce myself to a new set of friends and culture. In Mexico City, the only other people I ever saw wearing all green were Christmas elves and middle-aged office-working women.

"Save the Last Dance for Me" by
The Heptones 

The invite for my Exhibit:

My MFA Thesis Exhibit at the University of Cincinnati:

Some of the nicknames given to Kelly Green by Mexico City friends:


Kellytes (after the quelites, a green herb used as a topping on tacos)

La Senorita Verde

Mexikelly (play on Mexicali)


And by Sandy Plot in Toronto:

All Green (play on Al Green)

La Vida Verde:

photos by Renato Ornelas, Karolyn Hatton and Kelly Green

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