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photo from Brian Vaszily's Blog

Strange Little People was basically a Kalamazoo-based indie pop four-track club. Dave Bell, Dan Barry and I would get together, write a song, then record it the same day. One time we tried to record in East Hall and the campus police stopped us. So we went to sleep disappointed. In the morning I dressed Dan and Dave in my robes to get them in the recording mood, and the track "Dijonnaise" was born. Another time, Dave had moved into a new apartment where the previous owner had lost her cat inside of the wall. We worked the note she left into "Franny Skips Away."

Thursday Afternoon (Tracks 07-09) was a project with Dave Bell, Kristen Dana, Pete and I. We just met a few times to play, and our friend Ian recorded us. We wanted this music to have an after-school special kind of sound.

01 Franny Skips Away
02 Ms. Jesus
03 Real Rocking Lover
04 Snowflake Souffle
05 Dijonnaise
06 Dave's New Apartment

07 Thursday Afternoon Theme
08 Wanker's in Disguise
09 Hannah